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Our story.

Hi! My name is Tiffany LaSasso, and I am the person behind LaSasso’s Mangia Bene. I started creating charcuterie boards for fun when I would have company over.


Over time, it became a hobby of mine, and something relaxing for me to do. I started to bring my boards to events at friends’ houses, and everyone would say that I should make this a business. At the time I was working my full-time, 9 to 5 career in the medical field.


Between my career and raising my children, there was very little time for me to take this hobby to the next level.

This past year, that all changed for me. My oldest son was diagnosed with cancer. This was a total shock to our family, and changed my whole outlook on life. Between the many doctor appointments, my charcuterie boards became a form of therapy for me.


On days when I was feeling extra stressed or sad, I would make a big board to relax. Again,friends and family would say, “You should make this a business.” 


Between the many couple of months after the diagnosis, I decided to finally make that leap. Of course, I questioned whether or not that was the best time to dive into something like that, but it just felt right. With the help and support of my friends and family, my dreams started to become a reality. Word traveled fast, and before I knew it I was creating boards for people on a weekly basis.


My main goal is to continuously create boards that people love, and for the boards to be exactly how they want them. While there is a menu, anything can be customized to a customer’s liking. I will cater to any dietary requests that I am able to, so that everyone can enjoy a Mangia Bene board.


Every board is created with love, and I focus on every detail of the design. No two boards are the same (unless requested), and I spend ample time on each piece to ensure that everything is just right.


Many of the foods and accoutrements are purchased from fellow small businesses, because when you support a small business, you are supporting someone’s dream. Not only has this venture been mentally and emotionally fulfilling for me, but it allows me to have a flexible schedule to care for my children whenever needed. Every order that goes out the door receives an orange ribbon sticker on it. This is to bring attention to childhood cancer, specifically leukemia. My son’s illness has given me the inspiration to start my business, and to not be afraid of a big change. I watch how every day he takes on any challenge that is thrown at him, and shows no fear. In turn, I try to live my life this way—to accept obstacles that are in my way, and to overcome them. I hope that every customer gets as much happiness out of enjoying a Mangia Bene board as I do making it! 


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